Friday, 26 February 2010

Serendipity Skylark

Seren- my freakish alien beauty

The first Sim I made using the awesome height slider. She's cool as a giant, but obviously you don't need that slider to use her.

Hair, wings, and earrings by Rose Sims
Bodysuit by iCON
Underwear by Rusty Nail
Tattoo by Miss Skitty
Shoes by JB&IC
Lipstick by Arisuka at Mod The Sims
Eyebrows by daluved at Mod The Sims
Costume makeup by xrachaelx at Mod The Sims
Eyeshadow by Lady Frontbum




  1. I llove the wings! I'm having problems downloading stuff, but otherwise I'd totally create my own fairy!

  2. Yeah, me too. I'd love to create some fairies but I can't work out the custom content thingy.