Friday, 6 August 2010

Julian Shadow

The Shadow Man

99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999991% of you will probably have absolutely no clue who this guy is. Even if I told you he's based on a character from a book- my favourite book- I imagine it wouldn't ring any bells either. It's not a well-known book by any stretch of the imagination.

Still, maybe you don't know who Julian is, but that doesn't mean you can't take him in and love him and give him a good home.

...I'd watch him though. He's a devil.

Hair by Kewai Dou
Eyebrows by Helaene
Skin by Aikea Guinea
Eyes and eyeshadow by M&T Sims (Unholy)
Lipgloss by Subaxi... I think

Top by All About Style
Trousers ditto (Balmain jeans)



Friday, 16 July 2010

Celeste Avery

Hair by Newsea (it's subscriber at TSR, but you can get it by downloading Cele from the exchange)
Eyebrows by Subaxi
Eyeshadow by Subaxi
Earrings by Anubis

Trousers from The Sims Resource... I think
Ring by Peggy (at SimsCave here)

Dress by Rusty Nail

Bra by Lorandia
Shorts by Poppy Sims

Top by Evie
Tracksuit bottoms by Lorandia

Swimwear by Rusty Nail



Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ava Meridian

Skin by Lady Frontbum
Hair by Peggy; get it at Sims Cave here, gratis
Eyebrows by Subaxi
Eyeshadow by Lady Frontbum (it's the Cheetah one)
Lipgloss by Subaxi
Outfit by Liana; Sims Cave-it here
Dress and boots from The Sims Resource
Underwear by Rusty Nail
Navel piercing by Lady Frontbum
Athletic top by Poppy Sims


Monday, 10 May 2010

Drew Valentine

Hair edit by Club Crimsyn- you need Tum Tum's original for it to work
Eyebrows by Subaxi (number 5)
Freckles by Lady Frontbum
Ear stretchers from Mod the Sims
Medieval top from Mod the Sims
Leather trousers by Club Crimsyn
FuryRed top by The Mare's Nest
Shorts by Sky Sims

With regards to the other piercings, I'm having difficulty in locating where they're from. For now I'm gonna provide a link to them on MediaFire here for anyone who wants them, but if the original creator happens to stop by I'll happily replace this with a link they provide.


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Luna Chase

Hair by Shymoo
Lipgloss and eyeliner by Subaxi
Top from The Sim Supply
Shorts by Lili Sims
Boots from TSR (Collection Blondes I believe)
Underwear by Lorandia
Dress by NataliS found here


Saturday, 24 April 2010

Axel and Ruby Weston

Axel and Ruby- they're siblings yanno, not loverz : p

Hair by Club Crimsyn
Outfit from the Steampunk Savvy set at The Store; get it here gratis
Eyebrows by Subaxi

Hair by Peggy
Outfit by Lemon Leaf (here, thanks to Evie)
Tattoo by Miss Skitty


MediaFire- Axel, Ruby

Zephyr Mars

Zephyr Mars- the final generation of The Mars Family Legacy

Hair by RoseSims
Costume Makeup by Subaxi
Earrings by RoseSims
Top by Liana
Shorts by PoppySims
Nail Varnish from The Sims Resource
Dress by Lemon Leaf