Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Luna Chase

Hair by Shymoo
Lipgloss and eyeliner by Subaxi
Top from The Sim Supply
Shorts by Lili Sims
Boots from TSR (Collection Blondes I believe)
Underwear by Lorandia
Dress by NataliS found here



  1. I love it! It's a really nice sims. & I'm glad You like my shorts, but I will be more glad if You link back my site... :) ~ Have a nice weekend! (Lili)

  2. Oh hai, I love your clothing XD

    I'm a bit lazy at times and forget to link, but I've added one now ;)

  3. Do you mind me asking what custom eye you are using for her? It's beautiful.

  4. Very Nice Sim!!! Can't wait to try her out in Game. Thanks for uploading her. :)
    (Oh and the dress is by NataliS and can be downloaded at her website:

  5. what blush are you usng?

  6. Eyes are a default replacement, link can be found over thar >

    The blush is just a base game one, I think I might have used Lady Frontbum's freckles as well though and coloured them to mix in with the blush.

    Thanks for the info on the dress :D