Monday, 10 May 2010

Drew Valentine

Hair edit by Club Crimsyn- you need Tum Tum's original for it to work
Eyebrows by Subaxi (number 5)
Freckles by Lady Frontbum
Ear stretchers from Mod the Sims
Medieval top from Mod the Sims
Leather trousers by Club Crimsyn
FuryRed top by The Mare's Nest
Shorts by Sky Sims

With regards to the other piercings, I'm having difficulty in locating where they're from. For now I'm gonna provide a link to them on MediaFire here for anyone who wants them, but if the original creator happens to stop by I'll happily replace this with a link they provide.



  1. What skin do u use Fury? I love his square jaw. Cool sim!

  2. It's Peggy's, all links for default replacements are over thar >


  3. omg, he's awsome! thank you so much for him!

  4. Soz didn't see that I had my man eyes on lol.

  5. He looks so realistic! Very defined as well! Good job!

  6. Ooooh pretty~ I love how angular his jaw is!
    I recognise the earring cuff and chain; I think it might be from Lemon Leaf?

  7. He's hot. I love that you used the freckles well. Most people re-colour them really badly. :D

  8. It's these earrings, such a cutie <3

  9. I love his Jaw as well and I must say.. He is a gorgeous SIM! I just have to have him. I'm gonna download the CC I can but I'm new to this.. If DI download him through the exchange does the CC automatically download or no???