Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Amber Jessee

I started this Sim because I hearts this one by Missbonbon and wanted to make something similar. It went off in a bit of a different direction, but ho well : )

Hair by Peggy get it at Sims Cave here
Eyebrows and eyeliner by Subaxi
Face freckles by Lady Frontbum
Body freckles by One Billion Pixels
Outfit by Lorandia
Dress by Liana
Earrings by Anubis360
Shoes by Club Crimsyn





  1. Oh, she's gorgeous Fury :) I loves me redheads ;)

  2. Whose skin is this?

  3. She's very pretty. BFF material lol ^.^

  4. Hi, Fury!
    Umm . . . I saw that Indiana Mars's hair is in PeggyZone, and I wanted to download it, but it's for Super Members only, and I don't want to pay, of course. Do you know where to get a similar version of this hair for free?
    -luluminitutu (on TS3. Yeah, I know, still stuck there!)

  5. Sims Cave has what you need ; )


    You have to register but it's free to do so, and completely worth it considering all the donation hairs they have up for grabs : )

  6. Thanks, Fury! I wishes I could show you my simmie's new loverliness, but, sadly, I have no link/way to paste pictures on this comment/etc.

  7. hey Fury i was wondering if you might be able to post a link to wherever you got Amber's hair from. i downloaded her but it didnt have her hair so even if you could just post the file name that would be a big help thanx :)

  8. oh don't worry :) I found it after taking the link above and searching through all of the hairstyles. if anyone else needs to find it copy and paste the link above into your URL and go back to 'Peggy' I belive Amber's hair is number 00088 or something like that :)