Saturday, 27 March 2010

Gemini and Sapphire Skye

The Skye Twins- Gemini: purple hair, Sapphire: green hair

Hair by Rose
Eyeshadow and lipgloss by Subaxi
Freckles by Lady Frontbum
Piercings by Sleepless Angel

Underwear by Rusty Nail

Top by Liana
Trousers, dress, and shoes from TSR
Tights by Lili Sims
Bracelet by Peggy

Dress by Lemon Leaf
Top by Lorandia
Shorts by Lili Sims
Bracelet by Liana

Top by Poppy Sims
Shorts from TSR
Fishnets by Miss Skitty
Dress by Rusty Nail


MediaFire- Gem, Saph


  1. I love Gemini☺

  2. Which is which??

  3. Gemini is the one with the purple hair and Sapphire is the one with the green hair. It says so up thar^

    : )

  4. Do you know where I can get some poofy pants for my Sim like Jasmin's in Aladdin. Color doesn't matter, just style.

  5. Hey FuryRed, don't know if you know me but it's SiMsAdDiCt121 xD aka Simsy. I love your sims up there. Can you tell me, how did you manage to understand Lemon Leaf. I drove myself crazy trying to register for their website and downloading their stuff, but I could not comprehend a thing! If you could help me then it would be most appreciated :D Sorry for going on an off topic rant. Apologies, still loving your sims though :)

  6. What mods do you use for your game, Fury?

  7. Besides sliders, I mean.

  8. Hey all. With the Aladdin style trousers I believe I saw some at The Sims Resource- there was an outfit with harem pants, a top, and shoes that would work really well : )

    Hi Simsy. I didn't actually understand Lemon Leaf at all- my good pal Randomspirit figured it out once and she had the dresses I wanted, so she uploaded them to MediaFire for me : D
    If you're after Saph's dress in particular I can find the link out for ya?

    Mods wise I have the awesomeness of Twallan's Super Computer and Story Progression mods, as well as a bunch of little things like no zzzs when sleeping and no fight effects.

  9. The harem trousers and top and that grey dress with the bow can all be downloaded from the exchange.

  10. You just have to hunt them down :)

  11. Can someone post up a link to all the mods or package them? Sucks that I can't get them in the game after a lot of searching.